Sunday, April 28, 2013

The Lakwatserangnegra | Puting Buhangin, Pagbilao Quezon

Another perfect spot to spend the exaggeratedly hot summer, best for team buildings and for campers. I've been there for couple of times now (with my office mates) but no matter what, i always fell in love to the place over and over again. What i loved on this place is the white sand, clear water, serene compared to any other beaches especially during weekdays, the cave called Kwebang lampas and ofcourse the cliff that you can jump if the tide is high.
You can also spend overnight on the cove, bring your own tent if you don’t want to rent. We don’t normally spend overnight on the cove since our team lead do have their family rest house near the port where we always stay. What else i can say? the place is our favorite team building place and probably will go back soon. For me it’s what we called our Sweet escape from stressful life in the city.
How to get there: (this is what we usually do)
You need to ride a bus going to Lucena Grand terminal
We always go to Jac liner Buendia since it’s nearer to our workplace in Makati
It’s a 3-4 hours bus ride (depends on traffic) with fare around php 219 up.
Once in Lucena Grand terminal, you can ask the locals there to take you to the bus going to Unisan, do not expect a comfortable bus to ride on, lower your expectations because almost all buses going there are old fashioned and only ordinary, I've never seen an air con bus going there though maybe some buses from Bicol.
Travel time is an hour or so, because drivers pick ups passengers as many as they can, by the way forgot to mention that buses going to unisan is only limited so if you arrived at Lucena grand terminal late, you can rent a van which ranges from php 1500 up.
Once on board, advise the conductor that you need to drop off to the arch of Padre Burgos Quezon, near QCRB (Bank), the fare is around php 45 up
Once there, ask tricycle drivers to take you to the port going to Puting Buhangin
I already forgot how much the tricycle ride costs. The ride is less than 5 minutes. You are required to ride a boat in order for you to reach your destination. Boat ride is ranging from php 1500 to 1800 and there is no bargaining since the fixed price is already posted on a tarp on the area, after payment you have to sign on their log book. (this info was taken from my previous Borawan Trip last April 2012 since we’re always staying on our Team leads rest house that is located on the other side of the port so we just rent it from there). Boat ride is 45 minutes to 1 hr. The travel going there is so tiring but once you've reached your destination everything will be worth it.
They do have restroom and Sari Sari store there (Items is doubled the price)
Tips: Do not forget to remind the boatman when and what time he will need to pick you up.
By the way Borawan is a little island which you can put on your list if you wanted to have some side trips, you can also include Dampalitan since they’re both located nearby. as far as i could remember they have a package posted on the port how much will it cost if you wanted to visit those 3 beaches.
I've never been to Dampalitan but will probably go there soon if i have a chance.
Here are some photos taken from my trip:
Padre Burgos Arch
If you already see this, ask the bus driver to stop and drop you off..
Coconut trees and the sun
The cave
Just me
Just a random selfie, enjoying the crystal clear water :)
This is not taken from Boracay, This is at Puting Buhangin
With the Boys
Getting ready for the jump, grrrrr scaryyy!!
Actual Jump
When i landed on the water, it took me a while before i realized that i am still underwater, i almost forgot to breathe, it was amazing, how i wish i could breathe underwater so that i could explore down there.
My Cliff jumping experience is remarkable, i will certainly do it again ! :)

(All Photos are mine)


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    1. hi .. depende sa panahon .. nun ng cliff jump ako ayos lang yung water temp. not too cold not too hot :)

  2. Hello! We're planning to stay here overnight, are there any tent rentals around the area?